Are You Ready & Hungry To Learn:
Jimi Hendrix's Legendary Majestic Riffs, Mark Knofler's Elusive Epic Licks, Santana's Heart-Moving Solo Secrets, Monster Pro Guitar Tone Tricks, Including Hot Live Performance Tips, And Much, Much More? 


Dear Guitarist,

Let me ask you some important questions from one guitar player to another...

  • Have you ever wondered "How do guitar heroes like Mark KnopflerCarlos Santana, and B.B. King get that world-famous tone?" (And maybe you haven't even tried because you just figured it would cost you an arm and a leg?)

  • Would you be interested in shaving 45 years off your learning curve and saving decades of pain, trial, and error?

  • Are you interested in having your mind opened WIDE with a whole new treasure chest of guitar trade secrets that are going to take your electric guitar playing to another level instantly?

  • What if I could give you a "quantum jump" to the pro league in less than 180 minutes that would INSTANTLY upgrade your guitar sound, improve your guitar chops and transform your entire mindset about world-class guitar playing?


Welcome to Eclectic Electric Guitar, a new guitar course that comes with 3 action-packed videos and tabs. These are easily some of the most exciting electric guitar lessons I've seen in years.

I want to introduce you to Jimmy Dillon. He's an amazing instructor and a true pro who's shared the stage with everyone from Santana to Buddy Guy. Here's what Jimmy has to say:

"When I say 'Eclectic', I mean the road less traveled. I'm not gonna give you plain old licks you've heard a million times. I'm gonna give you stuff that I've got in my back pocket that I've picked up over the years doing session work and playing with various people."

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Here's what you're about to discover when you pop in video #1. For starters...


Discover A Treasure Trove Of Electric Guitar Secrets
Including: Rock, Blues, Jazz & Fusion Styles


  • Learn Jimi Hendrix style chordal majestic riffs. The cool thing is how Jimmy shows you how to play them through an entire I IV V progression.
  • You're gonna dig it when Jimmy reveals some of Hendrix's unusual voicings. Get one step closer to connecting with the genius of one of the greatest guitarists of all times.
  • In fact, you'll learn some of Hendrix and Buddy Guy's most expressive lead guitar techniques so you can create your own deep voodoo blues sound.

  • How to combine "The 7th sound" with the "wah" for a truly unforgettable funky sound that cuts through any song and highlights your guitar playing.

  • Jimmy has some truly personal secrets that he's developed such as: How to "rub and conjure a sonic spell out of the strings"... He uses it to rock out with a drummer and it definitely gets the crowd's attention.


  • Learn some hopping "jump blues jives" -- this is an uptempo, funky way to play the blues (Buddy Guy and Otis Rush loved dropping this on stage). You can learn to play fingerstyle on the electric and it sounds really unique.

  • Discover the secret to get a really swingin' sound that resuscitates any dead, dreary bar scene and electrifies the room instantly. This sophisticated style has been used by smokin' players like Robben Ford and Duke Robillard.
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You'll learn some powerful interchangeable riffs that will instantly upgrade your guitar "vocabulary". These are truly...


Great Sounding "Plug-And-Play" Licks
You Can Use In Any Key, Any Tempo


  • Do you know how to "skin your strings"? It's a subtle secret that most pros don't even know (It instantly creates dynamic punching grooves).
  • The "mind opening" secret that Jimmy learned personally from playing on stage with Buddy Guy. It blew 4 decades of limitations right out of the water!

  • Jimmy teaches you how to add "spooky coolness" to your tone without changing any settings on your amp. It's child's play.

  • The "triple bend" that adds a screaming punch to any lick instantly. It's like gently slapping someone in the face with a velvet glove (and having them love it!).

  • Learn an amazingly simple "descending triad lick" that U2 and other legends use all the time in some of their biggest hits.

  • Want to add some slick snap to your electric sound? Then you're going to love learning "pinch riffs". It's hot...
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  • Space dynamics? What's that? This is how B.B. King and David Gilmour make a few notes sound better than 100 (Best of all you can use this secret as soon as you've watched the videos without even practicing). 
  • Can you get some "greasy grit" with the flick of a switch and a little finger technique? Heck yeah you can! And Jimmy will show you how. It's one of the hot "insider secrets" that Jimmy uses to create world-class tone.
  • Discover the slip-and-slide technique. This lets you improvise freely with cool chordal licks and create some new textures and sounds.

  • Discover Jeff Beck's and Eric Clapton's phrasing secrets and secret bending techniques that give you that legendary sound.

  • How to make your life 1000 times easier. You can play everything you need in one position without going all over the neck.

  • Chromatic walkdowns are another killer way to add some smooth jazzy sophistication to any chord changes.

And that's just the first video. Video #2 goes deep into guitar tone secrets.

If you've been playing guitar for more than a day, you know that guitar tone (the actual guitar sound) is the difference between the amateurs and the pros. It's the difference between being frustrated or having fun... It's the difference between a nightmarish vibe or sounding like your dreams.

By now, you realize just how elusive great electric guitar tone is. It's truly an artform and challenge all on its own. And that's why I'm so excited to have Jimmy Dillon share his wisdom and experience with you.

An Arsenal Of World-Class Guitar Tones
With A Pro Guitar Set Up That You've
Probably Never Heard Of Before...


Come with Jimmy behind the curtain... It was really eye-opening for me and the video crew as he revealed one of his most closely-guarded trade secrets for world-class guitar tones. A few guys on the film crew plus myself (all seasoned guitar players) went NUTS!

I screamed "Cut!" and said: "Dude - these are the hottest guitar tone secrets I've ever heard of anywhere... You've gotta cover EVERY little part of your crazy set up. I can't believe you're getting all of this tone with just 3 pedals and ____________ (you'll have to buy the lessons to learn what the blank is).

The best part is: it costs a FRACTION of what you think it would. It's truly a monster $100,000 sound for less than $1,000!

And it solves so many live performance problems... No more nasty feedback... No more volume issues... no more "lack of punch and power" problems. This insider set up SOLVES IT ALL.


 Discover A Flurry Of Counter-Intuitive Sound Secrets That Only A Handful Of Guitarist And Top Producers Know


You'll really appreciate and love his simple set up: Jimmy uses 3 effects!

Too many guitarists are lost in a "sea of pedals" and they get a bum tone. Jimmy demystifies powerful tone once and for all and you'll never look at amps, guitars and pedals the same way.

Plus, you'll save a small fortune instead of buying a bunch of useless scrap metal.

  • You're NOT going to believe it when Jimmy reveals the key to a MONSTER sound in the studio. It's the last thing you're going to expect. You're going to be totally shocked and excited.

  • Then he reveals an unconventional secret that he learned from years of playing live... It's a "special sound" that always knocks the crowds back with a gut-busting trick.


"How Do You Get All These Monster Tones?"


Guitarists ask him all time -- "Jimmy, how do you get all of these monster tones?" - "How do you get all of these sounds with just 3 pedals and these small amps?"

  • Well for the 1st time ever, Jimmy really GOES DEEP and shares ALL of his secrets that he uses to create some of the sweetest - some of the biggest - some of the best sounding guitar tones you've probably ever heard.

  • Here's another special "Jimmy Dillon Delight" - he'll show you to create a "monster double sound: acoustic & electric" at the same time with one guitar! Maybe 1 guitarist out of 10,000 knows how to do this correctly.

  • Have you ever been baffled by the wah-wah pedal? He'll give some clear-cut instructions on how to make your guitar sound come to life with this powerful yet often misused tool and how to create killer sounds with 2 simple chords.

  • How to instantly change your sound and style (with the same riff) from: AC/DC to Tom Petty to U2. You won't believe how powerful this "set up" is until you watch it for yourself on the video.

And there's more... The third video contains a truckload of additional guitar lessons that will help you seize control of a whole new batch of styles and sounds.

The Legendary Mark Knopfler
Sound Is Finally Decoded! 

You'll discover the exact tricks to creating the Mark Knopfler sound, including the chords, the right bouncy rhythm, and the tone secrets.

And of course, all the signature lead guitar licks that will make you sound exactly like Knopfler. 

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  • Cool tricks and licks you can apply to any minor key progression including country-style bends, funky double stops, and harmonics.

  • How to write soulful ballad pieces that will capture any crowd's heart. Steal one of Jimmy's favorite chordal combinations. This gives that killer bluesy-ballad vibe that was also a trademark of the late, great Gary Moore.

And there's so much more. You'll also learn how to use "smooth voice leading" between chords to create a very smooth, slick, pro sound. Also, Jimmy shows you exactly what scales to use over these dark, minor chord progressions. Never be lost or confused again!


Create Your Own "Marley Magic"!


  • Want to be jammin like Bob Marley? Jimmy actually spent years playing in a reggae/ska band, and he's gonna give you the formula for ultra-funky riffs so you can create your own "Marley Magic".

  • Take your audience on a floaty, trippy dream with some jazzy mellow vibes inpired by SRV's "Riviera Paradise". 

  •  Learn a special trick to create hot licks based on any chord. This way you can improvise on any progression or song.


Want Some Santana Flavor Instantly?

  • How to easily recreate Carlos Santana's latin-rock vibe using Jimmy's fool proof formula. This is such a killer sound.


This isn't hype. Jimmy's actually shared the stage with Santana, not to mention StingB.B KingJohn Lee Hooker, and TONS of other legends.

He's recorded multiple CDs... He's toured the world and built a name for himself among music insiders as the "go-to-guitarist from the west coast". He's also the founder of an amazing learning experience for kids and up-and-coming musicians at a special music camp called "Blue Star". Here's what Jimmy says in his own words:

"For the last decade, I've taught over 3,200 kids and aspiring guitarists at Blue Star Music Camp with celebrities like Robin Williams & Dana Carvey. Now I'm ready to teach you all the electric guitar tricks I have in my back pocket after playing, recording and touring for over 4 decades. So, why am I revealing all of my hard-earned trade secrets? It's because...

A Monk Once Shared A Life-Changing Truth With Me...


He said: 'The meaning of life is to find your passion, the purpose of life is to give it away.' And that's how I've lived my life ever since.

That's why I created Blue Star Music Camp to help the kids. It's been my way to give back. And now these lessons are the next step for me."

Listen, I could sing the praises of Jimmy Dillon and Eclectic Electric Guitar 'till the purple cows come home, but I think I've gone on long enough. My point is, if you're passionate about the electric guitar, then you need these videos!


If You're Even Remotely Interested In Electric Guitar Then Buying This Course Is A No-Brainer Move! 

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Jimmy reveals many secrets of electric guitar playing, and just as important, he makes it fun, easy, and simple to learn.

You don't need monster chops. You don't need to practice for hours. All you need to do is watch these videos and spend 10 to 15 minutes a day going over the tabs.

You'll get a whole new bag of musical tricks, and more important, you'll have a blast exploring new sounds on your electric guitar.

Here's the bottom line: I'm passionate about helping guitarists like you have as much as fun as possible while learning incredible guitar skills as quickly and easily as possible.

That's why I'm so excited to send you a copy of Jimmy Dillon's Ecelctic Electric Guitar..

It's also why I put my neck on the line for you and offer you the best guarantee in the business.


If You're Even Remotely Interested In Electric Guitar Then Buying This Course Is A No-Brainer Move! 

You're Protected By Our Iron-Clad No BS 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! 

We offer a generous 30-Day guarantee on all our video courses.

We want to make ordering from us an exciting and no-risk experience.

If for some strange reason, you're not 100% SATISFIED with these amazing electric guitar lessons, then I insist you return the program for a no-hassle refund.

No B.S, no run-around, and no hard feelings.

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This an amazing opportunity to invest in yourself and your musical education with some of the most unique and powerful electric guitar lessons ever captured on video.

Jimmy Dillon is a rare breed of guitar instructor, with a lifetime of knowledge, wisdom, and guitar secrets, and you would be hard pressed to find anything close to this, anywhere...

And even if you could sit down with someone like Jimmy for lessons, look at how much it would cost:

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Even by online lesson standards, this 3 video set is easily worth $150 ($50 a lesson).

But you wont pay $150.

You won't even pay $100.

We have one special LOW PRICE PACAKGE available.

Just click to the button below, and you'll have the lessons in the next 5 minutes.

Don't forget you're getting 3 jam-packed videos and 41 pages of tabs!

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that will reward you for a lifetime.


Keep Rockin'

Jason Everett


P.S. And if you're still not 100% sure if you should order right now, let me remind you that are 100% protected with our RISK-FREE guarantee! Try out the lessons for 30 full days on us and if you're not completely stoked, we'll refund every penny! 

So what are you waiting for? Don't delay, click here to order right now!


P.P.S. Here's what guitar legends and musical insiders say about Jimmy Dillon: 

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Carlos Santana

"I love Jimmy's down-in-the-bucket blues..."

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Kevin Mathews: DJ-The Loop:

"On his record, Dillon stretches out musically, drawing from a wide pool of styles and influences. In the solid company of a gang of fellow travellers that include the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton, Dillon shows his grit on the goosebump inducing slide numbers and explores new ground with latin grooves recorded on location south of the border."

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John Lee Hooker

"The Boy can play!"

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Chuck Leavell: Keyboardist for The Rolling Stones

"Jimmy Dillon is one of the most creative and talented artists of our day. His songs hit home and his playing and vocals make you stand up and lean forward... it was an honor for me to work with him on this brilliant new CD, and there will be a lot of happy fans when they hear it!"

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Mojo Magazine:

"Live at the Borderline in London, Dillon's performance was as honest as the day is long. On record he evidences an understanding of the virtues of simplicity. Shimmering bayou guitar, and a soulful seductive voice that pulls the listener in..."

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Bart L. Black

"Mr. Dillon Sir, All I can say is, damn, this is the instructional DVD that I have been waiting for. I just received your "Soul Of Acoustic Guitar" last week and I am lovin' every second of it. I have purchased many, many instructional guitar DVD's and your is by far the best. Your video is perfect! You start out slow on each lesson and explain your techniques clearly. Plus, you just have a really great style. I will, without a doubt, purchase any instructional video you put out in the future. What the hell took you so long? I look forward to more..."

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