What Do Blues Legends BB King, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Carlos Santana, Dr. John, Etta James & Boz Scaggs All Have In Common? 

They've all played with Jimmy Dillon.
And Today, So Can You!  


Dear Blues Guitar Enthusiast,


BB King was once quoted as saying...

"Blues is a tonic for whatever ails you. I could play the blues and then not be blue anymore."

And Eric Clapton said...

"The blues are what I've turned to, what has given me inspiration and relief in all the trials of my life."

Keith Richards said...

"If you don't know the blues... there's no point in picking up the guitar and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music."  

Willie Dixon said...

"The blues is the roots, everything else is the fruits". 


I could go on and on with famous quotes from legendary blues players but I think you get the point. 

The Blues is the foundation of much of the music we listen to today. 

It's almost impossible to listen to any popular tunes without hearing some element that wasn't inspired by blues music.

The fact is, the blues is loved by millions of people and it's here to stay. 

And this is why I'm so excited to share this letter with you because...


I've Finally Convinced Jimmy Dillon To Create A Beginner-Friendly Blues Guitar Program! And, I Made Him Promise To Sell It To You For Less Than $40 Bucks! 


Friends, I am super excited to share this with you right now. 

Let me explain how all this came together and how it applies to you learning the blues today... 

My name is Jason and I met Jimmy Dillon a little over a year ago here in Maui at swanky Italian joint called Casanova's.

The two of us instantly hit it off and I was blown away by his guitar skills and laid back demeanor. The dude was cooler than the other side of the pillow.

It was obvious that everyone in the place loved Jimmy and for good reason. He's a stand up guy who truly loves to help people. 

As we talked, I discovered how he's helped thousands of people play guitar through online guitar lessons, DVD's, and his non profit charity for kids, Blue Star Music Camp.

The more he talked, the more I continued to like the guy. So, we spent the next week hanging out and getting to know each other.


Then, I Had This Crazy Idea...


What if I could somehow become Jimmy's new business partner?

For the last 17 years I've been a digital marketing strategist and a horrible guitar player. 

The wheels in my head were spinning and I thought just maybe Jimmy and I could kill 2 birds with one stone!

My idea was...

I could help Jimmy grow his guitar lesson business and Jimmy could help me to finally learn guitar after 25 years of struggling. 

So, what I did next forever altered the future of Jimmy's guitar teaching business... 

I Called Jimmy's Business Partners At Guitar Control And Made Them An Offer They Couldn't Refuse!  

I believed in Jimmy so much, that I was willing to do whatever it took to join forces with him. Together, I knew that we could continue to impact tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of aspiring guitar players. So, I bit the bullet and forked out a ridiculous amount of money to partner up with Jimmy. 

Thankfully, the guys over at Guitar Control honored our ask to buy the business. For that, Jimmy and I are super grateful. It was quite generous considering Jimmy was their most successful guitar instructor and I'm sure letting him go wasn't easy.  

Anyhow, over the next year I got to know Jimmy and his community very well as I ran the business side of things. And in that time I learned that...


Jimmy Is A Freak Of Nature When It Comes To Teaching Guitar


As I had mentioned earlier, I struggled to play the guitar for 25 years. I dabbled here and there but I just couldn't put the pieces together and make anything sound very good. 

So when I met Jimmy, I thought all my problems were going to vanish and I'd quickly become a great guitar player.

Haha. Don't I wish. 

What I quickly realized is that Jimmy typically teaches guitar to an intermediate or advanced player. That was definitely not me. 

I struggled to grasp many of the moves and it was incredibly frustrating. 

And after fielding emails for a year with customers in the business, I knew I was not alone.  

So, I sat Jimmy down and said...

"Jimmy, I Need You To Create A Beginners Blues Guitar Program That Is So Brain Dead Easy That Even A Drunk Homer Simpson Could Do It!"  

Now, I'm not trying to insult anyone's intelligence when I say this. Personally, I need things to be taught to me in a very simple manner. Complex lessons and complicated theory just flies right over my head. 

I learn the best when things are blatantly simple. Like Homer Simpson simple. 

Also, I told Jimmy that it's important that we make the price of the program something that everyone can afford. 

Typically, Jimmy caters to the higher end of the market. While I personally love that from a profit stand point, I think it's important that we create some beginner related materials with some entry level fees. 

And since you're still reading, I'm guessing that you likely agree or appreciate that. 

So, I got Jimmy to agree to everything I asked for and the result is what you're seeing here today.

And I can't wait to get you into the members area to start playing with Jimmy. 

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Discover In The Beginner Blues You Can Use Course...

🎸  How to use the simple secrets of the blues masters to consistently play a nasty down in the bucket 12 bar blues jam.

🎸  The secret to making the blues sound like it's coming from your soul and not your analytical brain that will make your sound stiff and rigid. 

🎸   Why so many guitar players give up when learning the blues and how to avoid this common pitfall. 

🎸  3 different blues shuffles that will have you jamming with your friends by the end of the weekend even if you're a complete beginner.

🎸  Warning: If you position your wrist in this way, you will most likely make playing the guitar 10 times harder than it needs to be. Discover the easy way to save yourself from carpal tunnel and tired hands. 

🎸  Are you tired of buying course after guitar course only to get nowhere? That ends today! We're going places together no matter what your skill level currently is.

🎸 What you must do to ensure you don't burn out when practicing your guitar. Far too many new players make these mistakes. 

🎸 What never to do when you're beginning to play guitar. Discover this early and it will save you years of frustration and wasted time.

🎸  Practice makes perfect right? Wrong! Jimmy shows you the right way to practice so you don't develop bad habits. 

🎸 The amazing "Blues Cheater Trick" that allows you to reach far away notes way easier. 

🎸  The sneaky ways professional guitar players make it look like they're not even trying. This is how you can play through a 20 song set. 

🎸  Do you know exactly what notes to hit in a blues scale? Well, you're about to lock it into your memory bank for safe keeping.

🎸 When your buddies call you to come jam, there will be nothing left for you to say except "I'm grabbing my guitar and I'm out the door!".

🎸  The quickest, easiest, and funnest way to learn the blues... Guaranteed! 


And here's what a few Rock N Roll and blues legends have to say about Jimmy Dillon...

Carlos Santana

"I love Jimmy's down in the bucket blues"

John Lee Hooker

"The boy can play"

Chuck Leavell

"One of the most creative artists of our day"

Enjoy Beginner Blues You Can Use For A Full 30 Days 100% Risk-Free!

The Beginner Blues You Can Use is crammed full of simple and proven blues basics that we feel certain will help you to become a better blues guitar player.

If for any reason, you should be dissatisfied with the course, just return it and every penny of your money will be refunded immediately. And, I'll even let you keep all the bonuses just for trying it out. 


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