"Can You Double Your Acoustic Skills
Without Practicing For Years By Using
These Enlightened Guitar Secrets?"



Dear Guitarist, 

How's your relationship with your guitar lately?

  • Remember that time in your life when you were excited beyond belief to learn new things on the guitar?
  • Do you find yourself "just too busy" to play much anymore?
  • Has your guitar been sitting in a case for days, weeks or even months?

Maybe you're not having as much fun as you used to? ...We all get stuck in plateaus and ruts from time to time.

If you're like me, that feeling of fun and discovery is the whole reason you started playing.

However -- life can easily get in the way. Jobs, family, kids, school and other stresses can quickly push guitar out of your life.

What if you could get inspired again? What if you could feel that joy and excitement all over again?

Well guess what... YOU CAN.

If you're not having fun on the guitar on a daily basis, you're short-changing yourself...


Who Else Wants to Feel the Joy And Excitement That Comes From Playing Great Acoustic Guitar?


If you're ready for a new batch of acoustic guitar tricks that are going to get you pumped up...

Then -- get ready because I'm here to help you revitalize, recharge, and renew your inspiration.

And like an enlightened Zen Master, Jimmy is here to inspire you... to teach you... and to help you to create new sounds with your guitar just by following his simple examples with tabs.

It's all thanks to his new course called "Acoustic Enlightenment" which comes on 3 action packed videos (again, with tabs!)

This is a course that will take you acoustic guitar playing to the next level. 

Hot-off-the-Presses, This Course Shows You Dozens of
"Plug & Play" Acoustic Guitar Tricks So You can
Create Hot New Sounds Instantly.


  • Learn one of the most important secrets of great acoustic guitar playing: It's how to change from chord to chord by using sweet sounding transitions. 3:34
  • One of the best ways to do this is to use walk-down riffs and licks and combine them with open strings. It's also going to give you what Jimmy calls "The chime shine" sound. 4:58

Sounds complicated? It's not. Jimmy makes it easier than eating a cheeseburger and fries. Best of all: you can use this in any song you want.

It's really one of the big keys to the kingdom.


Is It Possible To Double Your Acoustic Guitar Skills
Without Even Practicing? 


Sure, I know that improving on the guitar without practice sounds like a bunch of hype, but it's not! Let me explain: I'm not talking about boring chop building exercises that you have to work on for weeks.

Would you buy an album of a guitarist that's just doing scales? Of course you wouldn't! This course is about giving you the colors, the tools... the sonic brushes to make your guitar playing sound fun and interesting. No boring scales and drills here folks!

Jimmy doesn't focus on scales and chops when he teaches. The fact is, if you've been playing for longer than a few months, you already have some chops.


All You Need Are Some
Cool, Simple, Fresh Ideas.


Here are the facts: Most PRO guitarists (the guys that get paid to play) aren't crazy flashy guys. They're using very simple, yet powerful tricks that work every single time. They can't afford to mess up.

Jimmy Dillon is one of the most in-demand guitar pros in San Francisco because his rock-solid bag of tricks works every time he steps on stage and walks in the studio.

The really cool thing is... You can learn 80% of Jimmy's tricks almost instantly. They don't require hours of drilling. Just start the videos... sit down and relax... and you'll automatically learn them.

Here's some more of the cool stuff you're going to learn:

  • Add a "fresh edge" to your playing by using Jimmy's "favorite D chord". As he says "It was a glorious day when I learned this chord." I'm sure you'll feel the same way. 8:15
  • Learn a wicked 3 note lick you can plug-and-play into any acoustic song that makes you instantly sound like a pro. Musicians you play with are you going to love you for it. 10:13

What's really great -- you can move this pattern around the fretboard (and create your own variations) and it still works every single time.

Discover the insider tricks of how to layer guitars on top of each other in the studio or in a jam session. If you want to play guitar professionally (or even if you just want to create your own demo recordings) -- this secret alone will pay for the package 10X over.

Acoustic Guitar Pro From San Francisco
Reveals The Simplest Yet Most Powerful
Acoustic Guitar Secrets Ever.


Jimmy's the perfect teacher: Not too fast but not too slow. He really tears every riff apart and shows you every little nuance in an easy to understand language. You gotta love that.

  • Learn how to create a "pedal steel" sound without any fancy equipment. It's really, really easy yet it sounds awesome. 19:30
  • Discover the secret of "tickling the root". You'll love discovering this concept that makes things sound interesting. It's one of the critical factors to becoming what pros consider "the rock solid zone". 23:18

Trust me -- you don't want to be the clown who doesn't know this stuff at the jam session.

  • You can take the same riff and create dynamic pallets of sound by "going against the rhythm". The contrast is the key to the magic here. I guarantee you'll be able to apply this immediately even if you just bought your guitar yesterday. 24:01
  • Can you create 3 totally different songs from 1 riff? You will once you watch the 1st video. Jimmy cranks out 3 totally different vibes with the same riff. It's a pro secret that you can use to supercharge your songwriting sessions and come up with tons of new ideas. 27:38
  • Learn dozens of classic "plug-and-play" riffs such as the really cool double stop bend lick. You'll want to add these to your belt of tried-and-true power tricks. 30:18.

Unleash Your Inner
Acoustic Zen Guitar Master
Without Moving To The Himalayan Caves.

  • Jimmy shows you how to play some lively, rootsy acoustic jams sprinkled with some really cool "chime sounds". It's a hot hybrid that you should definitely have in your repertoire. 34:57
  • Steal some of the Allman Brothers' coolest licks -- Jimmy decodes it for you and gift-wraps it for ya! 39:22

At the 45 minute mark -- Jimmy takes the wheels off the car and takes everything to the 5th gear. It's a hot fast groove that you can use and have a lot of fun with. Get ready to stomp your boots with excitement.

You'll even learn some sweet chickin pickin tricks. These videos are jam-packed with tons of tricks, styles, and new directions for you to go in.

  • SWEET AND SOUR baby! Jimmy takes apart some tasty dissonant riffs that sets you up for a beautiful resolution. Plus he shows you how to blend these licks into any chord progression. 53:50

That's Just The First Video!
Here's Tons More Juicy
Acoustic Guitar Secrets:


Here's what you can learn inside Video #2...

  • Create some soulful, masterful Celtic sounds that will warm your heart and conjure ancient spirits. Instantly transport your sound into the Emerald Island by using Jimmy's patented Celtic tricks with sexy sliding chords. 15:57
  • Learn how to coax powerful tones out of the drop-D tuning, which automatically makes you sound bigger than life with powerful dynamic vibrations that open new worlds of possibilities. 2:46
  • How to create a dark foreboding bagpipe sound that dominates any room... It will have Great-Uncle O'Shea dancing with glee in a four-leaf clover t-shirt. 6:18
  • Easily manifest killer haunting chords that you could use to write new songs of your own. As soon as you learn these chords, your creative juices will flow auto-magically. 7:37
  • If you like Fairport Convention, Led Zeppelin, or Paul Simon, you'll love these new chord voicings that have powerful mystical qualities. Don't worry -- wizards and ogres wont attack you. - 8:38
  • Want to create some acoustic sweetness? Discover the secret to layering hypnotic hooks that create breathtaking melodies. (Get ready for goosebumps). 10:22
  • Use the exotic dancer's strongest secret... by creating tension and resolution with your rhythm playing... even while staying on a super-simple 2 chord progression. 16:36

American Roots Music,
Swingin' Blues, Gypsy Jazz, and
Many More Styles Are Revealed.

  • Dig Django? Finally -- some easy, easy no-brainer formulas for how to play gypsy jazz. You'll even learn to play some Django leads. What's great is how Jimmy breaks it down into bite size pieces. 24:46
  • How to play the ascending/descending chordal riff where the bass goes up and the melody goes down. Sounds like a sweet banjo. 21:35
  • How to get a cool swinging strum rhythm. It's fun and easy. And it's the key to getting everyone dancing and grooving. 22:31
  • The "splashy" technique to get some squirrely, snakey licks that squirm around like wiggly worms. Trust me, it's cool. 26:53
  • Unlock hidden licks that are lurking within ordinary triads by adding little half-step movements and slurs. This is how you can come up with your own killer acoustic jazz licks. 34:36

No Expense Was Spared As A Full Band,
Including Grammy Award Winners
Performs For You Inside These Lessons

Heres a super sweet treat...

  • Watch the epic jam that Jimmy does to show you all of the secrets in action that he teaches with a full band including: a 2nd guitar, piano, mandolin, and harmonica. Priceless! 37:53
  • You've heard of jump blues and swing blues, now here comes Jimmy's jump-swing blues on the acoustic. Super fun stuff to play at a concert to get everyone excited. 41:41
  • Capture the Elvis blues sound. It's Da bomb! 43:54
  • How to add in bass-run turnarounds to give you that 50's rock sound. 44:20
  • The Stevie Ray "drag" rhythm sound. It's all about getting sassy and getting that blues attitude going in your gut. Jimmy shows you how you can do it like never before. 47:33
  • STRUT! STRUT! Strut down the street and strut down your fretboard with attitude. You will... once you incorporate a whole new vocabulary of licks around this Texas swing rhythm. 48:19
  • A trick chord that will tickle your ears with delight. Use this one to add some secret sauce and end a song in style. 50:48
  • Like Johnny Cash? Learn some of his legendary licks and tons of other killer tricks. 55:38
  • Discover The gut bucket blues style. Learn some cool licks you can use over any chord. 58:19

You think thats all you're going to learn?

As they say on TV infomercials...


Here are the highlights on Video# 3:

  • A lot of players use classical influence in their playing. But you DON'T need to be a trained classical player. Just follow the easy trick shown at 5:27 and you'll get some of this style into your fingers almost like magic.
  • Intimidated by fingerpicking? Don't be! Just use the exact pattern Jimmy teaches and you'll instantly get an amazing sound. Plus, how to play chordal melodies on just 2 strings. You'll love adding this trick to your arsenal of guitar knowledge. 8:15
  • How to get a full sound on the guitar without a band. The trick is playing a melody within the chord. You'll be playing like a pro. See 11:51
  • Do you like artists like Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz? You'll easily get their contemporary reggae sound. You'll be shocked how easy the chords progressions are. Best of all... everyone at the party is going to FREAK OUT when you play this stuff. 16:48
  • Bob Marley baby... Can't go wrong learning Marley style. Learn how to use partial chords, muffled notes and other tricks to get that classic sound, including the killer "one-drop" rhythm. 18:08
  • How to "cross-pollinate" and throw in R&B licks in with Hawaiian and Jamaican sounds. 20:20
  • The difference between really good pro players and generic amateurs is knowing how and when to throw in cool licks in with your rhythms. Pay close attention at 24:48.
  • How to add natural harmonics into your guitar riffs to give your playing a really sweet touch. 26:28
  • Need to create a pro sounding solo when you're in the studio? Listen to Jimmy's trick on how to "almost never go wrong" when you need to create a hot lead track. This is a MUST-KNOW secret for any working musician. 31:35
  • How to get the true island vibe. It's a little trick that changes your guitar sound and gives your playing that breezy pineapple flavor faster than you can imagine. 32:38
  • Another trick from James Taylor's killer style. You'll be using some easy hammer-ons to create slick acoustic licks. 36:40
  • How to activate the "pull of the chimes" sound and weave in some counter-melodies for a dynamic acoustic sound that everyone will vibe with. 40:58
  • How to do "breezy strumming" and then add your own melodies in. This is 100% pure acoustic fun times. 49:20

Perhaps the wildest method of the entire video: Its a crazy guitar trick using a needle and thread.

And thats just the tip of the iceberg. Waaaay too much stuff to list here. You'll just have to watch the videos to see whats in store for you.


If You Play Acoustic Guitar,
Then Buying This Course
Is a No-Brainer Move.

Hey, if you've read this far... come on... let's do this! You know you want em...

You know Jimmy's gonna deliver the goods -- He's already proved it with his first video series.

Life's too short not to enjoy it, so go ahead and reward yourself and order these amazing instructional videos RIGHT NOW!


You'll Also Get All The Tabs!

You're not just getting 3 jam packed video lessons. You're also getting the tabs showing all the examples, licks, and songs...

Even though Jimmy's teaching is crystal clear, some people like to have the tabs to follow along with too. No problem. We got you covered. 

And if you have any lingering doubt whether you should order these videos, remember:  

You're Protected By Our
Iron-Clad 30-Day
Money-Back Guarantee.

We offer a generous 30-Day, 100% money-back guarantee on all our courses.

If these videos and tabs aren't everything I say they are, or if you want a refund for any reason (or even no reason at all), then you'll get it immediately.

No B.S, no run-around, and no hassles.

You're Saving Thousands Of Dollars

Even if you flew to San Francisco and somehow got Jimmy to squeeze you into his busy schedule for a lesson, it would be $100/hr. Heck, even at half that cost, look how expensive private lessons can be.

Check out the chart and see what an incredible value these videos truly are. Look how much you're saving over private lessons! 

This is the equivalent of thousands of dollars on instruction. 

But you won't pay thousands. Heck, I'm not even asking for $100. 

You're Just Seconds Away...

So go ahead... Click to the next page, fill out your information, and you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to your purchase immediately. 

It's a winning decision and you'll be the proud owner of "Acoustic Enlightenment" which will reward you for a lifetime.

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